Individual Counseling

Individual counseling consists of one-on-one sessions with a trained clinician/therapist in an open, supportive, and confidential environment. At Phoenix Shanti Group, our focus is to assist you in resolving the issues that bring you to counseling. Topics addressed in individual include, but are not limited to:


•Exploration of feelings, beliefs, and behavior patterns
•Challenging or influential memories, including trauma
•Identifying aspects of life that you would like to change
•Increased insight/awareness/understanding of self and others

The length of individual treatment will be based on your unique needs and goals for therapy. Phoenix Shanti Group clinicians are trained to address a variety of presenting concerns including, but not limited to:
•Mental Health (depression, anxiety, PTSD)
•Substance use/abuse
•Personal identity, self-esteem, self-worth
•Gender Identity
•Sexual/Affectional Orientation
•Chronic Illness (specializing in issues associated with HIV, including stigma and disclosure concerns)

Phoenix Shanti Group has therapists from various backgrounds who are Master’s level clinicians licensed to practice in the State of Arizona. Our therapists are trained in utilizing a holistic approach to treatment, integrating mind and body. Phoenix Shanti Group therapists are also trained in an evidence-based trauma treatment called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). For more information on EMDR, please visit


Group Counseling

Phoenix Shanti Group offers an intensive outpatient program focused on substance use/abuse and HIV support/education. This program consists of multiple group sessions held at our clinic throughout the week. This program is for HIV+ individuals.

Group members discuss and process a variety of issues including exploring relationships, improving self-esteem, relapse prevention, mental health concerns, HIV-related issues, stress management, and enhancing coping skills. Group members are encouraged to share information about themselves and provide feedback to others. Group leaders aim to create a safe and supportive environment, which includes facilitating productive communication and respect. Group leaders may also encourage member engagement in the group process, give feedback, and offer support to individual members or the group as a whole. Group facilitators will also provide education surrounding common themes experienced by group members. Group members are asked to make a commitment to protect each other’s confidentiality by agreeing not to share information that would identify other members outside of group.

At Phoenix Shanti Group, we have found that many experience relief from participating in group treatment and recognizing that they are not alone in facing life’s challenges. Often, substance use can lead to isolation. Group participation allows individuals to re-engage in social settings and learn how to build healthy connections with others. Many members have also found it helpful to be able to learn from peers’ experiences and have shared that seeing others recover creates a sense of hope.


Vocational Rehabilitation/Job Skills Training

PSG, through a 7,000 sq. foot re-sale store, provides a three module Voc Rehab curriculum program for trainees to gain knowledge, skill, and experience to re-enter the workforce.

Trainees learn “hard skills” like computer use, internal inventory controls, donation pickup scheduling, organization, maintenance, pricing and item values, furniture repair and display, customer service, point of sale and money handling, workforce expectations, work ethics, and more.

Trainees also learn “soft skills” like communication, boundaries, assertiveness training, problem solving, decision making, self-esteem, risk taking, value clarification, conflict resolution and more.

Additionally, trainees learn how to create a resume, how to search for employment and receive interview coaching. It is our hope that by providing a long term solution thru education and training, individuals will be more likely to become self-sufficient and independent in the future. We strive for a goal of either job placement or enrollment in a higher education institution by the time the trainee is ready to graduate from the program. The Vocational Rehabilitation program is a 1 year program for most participants but can be extended further on a case by case basis.

Shanti’s Second Chances thrift store and Voc Rehab program is an integral part of the Phoenix Shanti recovery experience. It is available to all clients of the Phoenix Shanti Group.

Shanti’s 2nd Chances store is located at 4015 N 16th Street Phoenix, AZ, and is open Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm and on Saturday 9am-5pm.

PSG offers a FREE valley-wide donation pickup service 6 days a week. You can schedule a pickup by calling us at 602-283-0100. Donations of furniture, clothing, patio, sporting goods, appliances (working or not), electronics, and other household items are gratefully accepted. Your donations are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be provided to you with any donation that you make. Thank you for your continued support.